I'm just your typical teenager, i go out, I drink more then i should, i social smoke, I work my arse off and spend my money on pointless crap I probably wont ever use.
Im not perfect in any shape or form but im me, i dont control who i am i just go with it.
  • I spent a lot of time wondering if it would matter if i died.

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  • Im sorry

    I havent done one of these in a while but I find it the right time to do it.

    I met this girl about 8 years ago or something like that, and tbh I though she was a fruitloop, but that fruitloop became my best friend about a year later.

    We’d gone on this trip away with probs some of the most amazing people you’d ever come across, and basically I didn’t think anything of this friendship, we’d had such a good weekend away just saying up late, watched the clouds go by and then her stealing my favourite hoody.. I still have that hoody and it reminds me of you so much.. We didn’t see each other for a few months..

    We’d become so close after the big gap away, it was weird because never in my life I have I met someone who I click with so much, she was the only one that understood how i was feeling or the only one person who take my pain away, I never knew how greatful I was toward God for her coming into my life.. I loved her since ages and I couldn’t change it..

    Even through high school we remained as close as ever, she took away every bad thing and made it all okay, she was my rock when I lost the only one person in my life that was important, my grandad died four years ago in 14 days, it broke my heart and to this day I don’t have sit and cry over it, she’d always say ‘crying won’t help, hes up there, hes proud but main thing is he isn’t hurting anymore babe’.. Crying made it easier, and eventually things got back to normal..

    Went through college and things were good, I remember these stupid pictures we used to take, them stupid shopping trips we’d take, them cuddles..

    We drifted apart because of me, we fell out and didnt speak for 7 months, and it was horrible, i pretended I was okay but deap down in felt pain like I did when my grandad died, id lost a massive part of my life and I never thought I’d get back.. I did and I couldn’t be happy. But I pushed her away and away until she’d had enough herself, and i did it because I was hurting, i shut myself out from everyone, and i shut myself out to the most important thing in my life.. Words mean nothing but it’s all I have right now, and I’m sorry..,

    I love you so much like it’s killing me.. I dont know what I’d do without you..,

    I love you..,

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    damn even animals know white people will shoot anything outside their race

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